Resilience building: visiting places of Ukrainian heroic past on the Teacher’s day

Teaching future generations is a noble calling, yet to be a true teacher one must know the past, act in the present and envision the future. One-day trip to the remarkable places of the nation’s glorious past, enjoying friendly conversations in the moment amidst beautiful nature and thanking our Armed Forces for being alive and Ukrainians is a priceless chance to celebrate a Teacher’s Day with colleagues.

We visited the sites of the medieval Halych Kingdom some 30 miles from our city – St Panteleimon church, Karaite graveyard, Nativity church, the Dniester crossing, Castle hill, Dormition Cathedral, St Basil Chapel, Prince’s Well, Halychyna Tomb.

The museum of Karaite culture and Ethnography skansen proved to be valuable to get a deep insight into multicultural and polyethnic Ukraine. We listened to stories, shared impressions, collected strength for the winter, recited Rilke and Cossack ballades.

Mind, Ukrainians will never be enslaved if they are united and resilient. We, educators, must be the keepers and protectors of this knowledge.